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New Year's Eve Party Tickets 2023-2024

🥂 A year better than the previous one is what we want every time and we are preparing the perfect start in this sense. 

🎇New Year's Eve Party 2023 - 2028 at Crama Jelna🎇, in a dream setting, with festive menu, selected drinks and the tunes of Anuta Motofelea, Nicoleta Oancea Band and Dj Teo that will keep you on the dance floor with your loved ones until dawn.

✨Începe să îți conturezi dorințele pentru anul ce vine și lasă-le să se înalțe către stele în noaptea magică, iluminată de un spectaculos foc de artificii, prevestitor al unui an prosper.

Outdoor wedding

The unique moments in our lives need an atmosphere that can be immortalized over time through photos, videos and memories.

Wine Tasting

We associate wine with food, we discuss the Terroir of Jelna, we tell you the process through which the grapes go from the vineyard to the glass.

The experience at height with the helicopter

Fly over Jelna in the most spectacular way possible: helicopter tour


A safe and effective way to improve your physical and mental health.